Shipping Policy

Shipping policy:
When will I receive my order?
After you have successfully placed your order, our Customer Service team will contact and update you as soon as possible by call. After successful verification (Delivery time frame: within 48 – 72 hours after shipping date), you can expect to receive your order within this given time frame.
Delivery Day:
After shipping your order, You will receive a call from the driver to select delivery date and to specify the time range available for delivery.
Delivery Terms:
1) Sealed items cannot be opened to be checked unless payment is processed, hence it is not possible for the customer to open, reject and send orders back with the same driver. This can only be done before opening the package.
The package must be paid for and received first and then if there are any issues the normal return process will be carried out by contacting the Customer Service.
2) Security:
a) Orders must be delivered to a private address, e.g. home or work address. Kindly note that we cannot deliver any order to public places, streets, cafes and/or restaurants.
b) If payment is completed with a credit card, the only person allowed to receive the order is the card holder, who must show his national ID to our driver.

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