Refund Policy


If my refund gets validated, how and when will I get reimbursed?

Refund process begins after your returned product passes the quality check; this process takes up to 8 business days from the day we receive it. We will send you an email notification on the day of completing the quality check.
For a faster refund, you can always request MaGenta Refund Voucher if you wish to purchase more items. This option is indicated along with other refund methods available to choose from when requesting a return online; or during your call with our Customer Service team.
The following table explains the available refund methods. Note that refund methods availability is based on the payment method used to pay for the order being returned.

Payment methods
Refund methods
Refund voucher / Cash Refund ***
Refund Voucher
Refund Voucher
Credit Card
Refund voucher / Bank Transfer

*** Delivering the cash refund to you will be attempted for 10 calendar days, after which the amount will be converted and sent to you via email in a form of refund voucher. You can no longer claim a cash refund once the refund voucher is sent to you.

Below is a table that shows the time taken for the refund to reach you once the product passes the quality check, differing by refund method:

Refund Method
Time Frame
3-5 business days
Bank Transfer
5-7 business days
Credit Card Reversal
7-14 business Days

What is a refund voucher?
MaGenta Refund Voucher is a return mechanism worth equally to the money you spent to order an item. You can use the voucher to purchase any item on MaGenta Egypt’s website. A refund voucher is 180 days, and You need to use your voucher during this period, it can be used on several purchases until its balance reaches 0.

If my returned product is not validated for refund, how do I get informed?
If your return is invalid then we will call you to explain the issue, and to arrange sending the item(s) back to you. Delivery will be completed within 3-5 days.
In case the returned product does not match the conditions mentioned in the return policy on the website, it will be rejected and will be shipped back to you. If delivery (back to you) fails due to unavailability or was rejected by you, it will be stored at our facility for 3 months, after which you can no longer claim it.

I have bought an item on promotion or with a voucher. What amount will you refund me?
For items purchased on sale, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid, and not its original value.
For example: If you purchased an item on sale for EGP 20 and its original value was EGP 40, we will refund you EGP 20, which is the amount you paid.