Return Policy

How to return a product?
Before returning an item, please check our Return conditions, stated in the questions below, to make sure your item is eligible for return.

Under certain conditions; and in accordance with the Egyptian Consumer Protection law: item(s) received from MaGenta can be returned within 2 days from delivery date in case you changed your mind, or within 14 days if defective, wrong, not matching the description on website or missing parts.

NOTE: You have 14 days -from the day you received your purchase- to notify us that you wish to return an item, during the first week of which you can submit the request to return an item or more online, while after you can only submit it by calling Customer Service. We do not accept returns past 14 days of delivery.

What are the conditions for returning an item?
Requirement for a valid return
Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc).
Reason for return has to be valid, and return acceptance conditions met (check below).
Refund method that you would like, and the necessary information associated when applicable (bank account number, etc.).

Should there be any item damaged during transportation, please contact our customer service within 24 hours for claim purposes. Remember to send back all items including the free promotional items that came with the purchase. If forgotten, the return will not be accepted.

Once your product is retrieved, we will perform a quality check.
If the returned product passes the quality check, we will refund you according to your requested refund method. This will happen within a maximum of 10 days from the day your return request is submitted.
Note: If the quality check is unsuccessful, the return request will be rejected, and your product will be sent back to you. Customer Service will contact to arrange sending it back to you.

Conditions and reasons to return an item
You may want to return your item due to any of the following reasons:
x : Not Required | ✓: Required

Reasons for return YOUR RETURN MUST BE :
New condition Sealed condition Complete (free gifts, accessories, original packaging) Not damaged Tags & labels attached
Delivery – Wrong Product

Product seal should not be broken EXCEPT for packages which don’t state product information on the outside

Quality – Damaged Product x x x
Quality – Defective x x
Quality – Product Condition
Delivery – Parts Missing x x
Website – Incorrect Content
Customer – Change of Mind

(Not applicable to some product categories, check return policy on product page for more info)

Not As Expected

How do I send my product to MaGenta?
We will arrange a pick-up at your convenience within 3 days after you submit the return request.
Note that for pick-up, we will make 2 scheduled attempts in two different days. However, after 2 unsuccessful pick-up attempts, we will consider that you no longer wish to return the product, and the return request will be cancelled.